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Published on December 31, 2009 By Philip

Looking back upon the past decade, I wonder- for better or worse the lives I’ve touched the friends both made and lost… a life unexamined yet painfully scrutinized joy happiness pain sadness The balance that once kept me going disappearing gone Climbing back up on that horse waiting for another ride.

2003-05 Visualize Love

Published on August 25, 2009 By Philip

In celebration of the person I used to be, and will become again- a birthday wish to a dear friend:


Published on July 6, 2009 By Philip

Awaken On silken winds Their gossamer wings Spread Opening fabulous gifts Touching everything Flapping with ease The Hopeful Doves Fly Hearts letting go Spirits soaring high Cooing their message Coaxing all to Shine Inviting Inner Peace Healing all wounds Caring for Everything Opening my eyes The Dream Begins Copyright 2003-2009 Philip C. Robinson All […]