Chelsea Anderson, deceased, was a firecracker of a friend– whom I had the pleasure of last visiting in person the weekend of April 3rd 2004.

From that trip to beautiful Washington State, came some amazing photos–
photos that I have now collected into an online gallery for you to look at and purchase prints of….

Chelsea’s life was one of struggle and triumph, and deserves note. She was a very special person who touched many lives…

Her brother, Jake Anderson, happens to be a member of the crew of the northwestern, which is featured on America’s Deadliest Catch.

Currently, her father has gone missing!

The family is offering a reward leading to information that brings about resolution in the matter– but they, like most of us, are not independently wealthy people.

If you would like to contribute to the Keith Anderson fund, but also enjoy some beauty from the place where they live– I invite you to review and purchase prints from my online photo gallery, proceeds from purchases of prints from the ‘flowers for Chelsea’ gallery will be donated to the reward:
Flowers For Chelsea
Flowers for Chelsea

Thank you for your support!

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