Lovecraft Complete Works on Nook & Kindle – FREE

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The whole story [and download] is here: Briefly: I enjoyed nearly all of the stories included in this collection when I was a mere lad in the third through 8 grades. Lovecraft inspired me in so many ways it’s practically UNNAMEABLE! These are gems, and many will get you running to your dictionary faster […]

Lovecraftian Geekiness

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You NEED Elder Sign: and for specific applications: Eldritch Off Cutethulhu:

It’s Looking A Lot Like Fish-men!

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“The Ghastlycrumb Ickies” by Michael Tice

Posted by on November 23, 2007 at 10:06 am

A is for Azathoth deep in the Void B for the Byakhee who bite when annoyed C for Cthonians far underground D for the Deep Ones wherever they’re found E for the Elder Things down in the snow F for the Fire Vampires warm and aglow G for the Ghouls who seldom are tamed H […]

fluff – which Cthulhu Mythos entity am i?

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Quiz Who Are You In The Cthulhu Mythos? You are NYARLATHOTEP, the mind, spirit, physical representation of and messenger to, the Outer Gods. Often manifesting in human form, Nyarlathotep is a great manipulator of humans, bending them to the will of his masters.In true form Nyarlathotep is a 55′ tall monstrosity with a giant trunk-like […]