On the Nature of Religious or Other Beliefs

I’m not sure I can provide any further insights into others beliefs– however, I myself believe that we, as humans, operate much more effectively when we anchor ourselves to something- a thought, an idea, a belief, a principle. something to help give us a ‘foundation’ from which to operate. We are constantly trying to understand the unknowable- by whatever ‘terms’ our particular set of ‘foundations’ can abide by.

Sometimes, as we become more ‘aware’ of things- we question those foundations, refine them- and improve upon them . And sometimes we don’t. A great deal many of us recognize that we ‘evolve’ based on fresh information- and many recognize that how the species operated even 200 years ago is way different than today- based on our capacity to learn and adapt. Some can even go so far as to recognize that many things we once believed can rightfully be called ‘superstitions’ in a ‘modern context’..

Some can go even further and speculate [or imagine] that even our thinking today is probably still superstitious- but we simply don’t yet have the tools/knowledge necessary to prove it- and thereby shift our foundational thinking and adapt accordingly. But luckily for the species, there are those willing to try. However, not always in a unified front way, and not always in an ethical or non-violent way. Such is the beauty of ‘free-will’.

The bottom line is- no matter where we are at, with our own ‘foundation’ – if we can at least be aware enough to, at minimum, tolerate or even afford a modicum of respect to others with the foundations they’re at- and, if appropriate, perhaps shed a little light, in an extremely compassionate and non-violent way – such that the species is advanced.


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