Christmas Poem For Japanese ESL Student(s)

I have a friend who teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) in Japan.
She gets her classes to do a Christmas Card exchange each year- this was my message to my assigned student this year.
Happy Christmas to you!
Santa Claus has a special meaning to kids in the usa.
Does he mean the same thing in Japan?
Children stay up late waiting for him.
Hoping to see him.
Waiting for the presents he brings.
Santa Claus brings hope to the Children of the World.
The IDEA of Santa Claus is important.
Not because he is jolly.
not because he is big.
because he brings wonder.
he brings hope.
he brings joy.
now you can too!
Anyone can be Santa.
Giving to others
bringing joy and hope
is all it takes.
Have a merry Christmas!
Copyright © 2013
Philip C. Robinson

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