A Few Thoughts On How To Love

Every person you encounter has something to teach you, and something to learn from you. It is unfortunate that the territory is a bit more complicated to navigate the further we make it through life. However, the map is not the territory! But you know what? We are in charge of ourselves. Just like everyone else. We can choose to be victims, or we can choose to master ourselves. But we get that choice.

We can also choose to simply love. Love for the sake of loving.
Broadcast love. Be a generator of love.

We can be vulnerable, we can be invulnerable.
It is entirely our choice.

Regardless of our past, regardless of our assumptions and choices about that past- we can move forward and become who we are meant to be. Not because or in spite of that past., but simply because of OUR CHOICE!

I am so sorry that in some cases the past experiences have been traumatic, have been unwanted. Even for some, our current circumstances may not be ideal.

Guess what?
We can CHOOSE what to do about it, what to make of it, and move forward powerfully and intentionally.

One way to do this is to simply BE LOVE. Choose to love. It will attract a variety of wonderful things, people, circumstances and experiences.
Even ones that can be perceived as bad or wrong can be transformed by our CHOICE to use love as a transformative power.

you’ve impacted people when you choose to bring love to them. Doesn’t have to be physical love. Doesn’t have to be traditional love. It just has to be genuine, heartfelt and freely given.

Can you do this?
Of course you can.

Let go of judgement, excuses, past memories, attachment and expectations about specific outcomes and CHOOSE to be love.

Watch magic happen.

I <3  you.
No strings, no expectations, no judgements.
Just love….

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