My Tribute Inspired By Steve Jobs Death

Ok- I know there is a lot of love and respect for the late Steve Jobs, and tributes are certainly in order- but I would like to point out to EVERYONE, that there are plenty of amazing, remarkable and brilliant people who die every day…WE ALL have profoundly touched somebody- and it’s NOT the quantity by which we do it, but the QUALITY. No single person has ever NOT profoundly touched, moved, inspired or impacted SOMEBODY – such that ALL of humanity has not benefited from that interaction. In fact – most of the profound interactions are witnessed by only a very few, and odds are high nobody got rich from it. But in the end, simply having existed- you, me, Steve Jobs, Ghandi, anyone [yes, even the ‘bad’ people’] have provided a POSITIVE and LASTING impact on the human condition. Ponder on that, as you read this on your smart phone, computer, or other such device…and think about how many excellent and amazing people you never heard about, helped make that gadget you are using a reality…

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