The Inner Connect Technique by Owen Waters

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There is an elegant, ideal solution to every problem and your soul knows the answer every time. Here is the Inner Connect Technique, step-by-step. It is short, simple and highly effective.

* Try it on three different challenges or problems and see what comes up!

Chapter 5 – The Inner Connect Technique

Step 1. Turn your attention away from the outside world and focus within.

Step 2. Know that you know. At a soul level of awareness, you already know the best solution.

Step 3. Focus on your soul awareness and ask it to show your conscious mind the answer.

Step 4. The first idea that pops into your head is the answer. If a second idea follows, ignore it. It’s the first one that counts.

The universal law that makes this technique work is quite
simple and straightforward:

Believe and you shall receive.

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