Horror Movie Risk Analysis Part 2

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Horror Movie Risk Analysis post

6. You hear a noise in the house. You decide to investigate what caused it and discover it was only the cat. What should you do?

7. If the power has just gone out, what is the worst room to search?

8. To escape a crazy man in a nondescript pale mask, you enter an old
farmhouse through the storm doors of the cellar. You manage to lock the storm doors from the inside, but when you look up the stairs to the doorway leading to the main level, you realize it has no door to bar. What do you do?

9. Finish this statement and explain your answer: “Never stand in, on, above, below, beside or anywhere near a…” what?

10. While walking along the beach, your friend found an antique necklace and has been wearing it proudly each day during the cottage vacation. Lately, they’re sleeping more, looking pale, wincing at bright lights, and at dinner they surprise you by speaking another language you didn’t know they had studied. What do you do?

Please feel free to post your answers in the comments section below. We look forward to assessing your preparedness in times of horror emergency!

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