Horror Movie Risk Analysis

True leaders spend time analyzing risk. They think about what could potentially happen and plan for it. Over the next few days I will be presenting some situations to ponder.

1. You are with a group of people going on vacation. Your car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. It’s getting dark. You can’t get a signal on your cell phone. There was little to be seen on this deserted road as you travelled, except an old
house that looked abandoned, a gas station, a little girl running a lemonade stand, and an amusement park. What do you do?

2. You are looking to buy a house. What important information should you find out about the property before you buy it?

3. What is the number one sign that it is time to move out of your current house?

4. You are running from a monster through the woods. Having watched many horror films, you know you should expect certain things to happen as you try to get away. Name two of them, and tell me what actions you should take to increase your chance of staying alive if they happen.

5. While exploring an abandoned building, your companion finds a dusty old book with leather binding and what might be Latin writing carved into the spine. After he comments on the pretty inverted star with an image of a goat’s head in the center of the cover, what should you do?

Please supply answers in comments!
[a follow up with some useful answers will follow in coming days]

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