Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

1) Stay informed. Watch news reports and listen to the radio. In addition to the Emergency Response Message, you should hear information about the spread of the undead, reports of safe areas and suggestions as to what survivors should do. You’ll need a radio that can run on batteries and solar power if possible. Also, using a walkie-talkie can keep you in tune with others who may be in need of help–or offering it.

2) Avoid heavily populated areas. If the zombies can spread their virus, curse or disease, a densely populated area will be more of a breeding ground than a safe haven. On the other hand, avoid being totally isolated, in case you have to face a horde of undead yourself. You want a moderately populated area that affords quick exits and good protection.

3) Find law-enforcement or military assistance. Provided that civilization hasn’t fallen apart, you may be able to find police or soldiers providing safety and armed protection. Always make them identify themselves verbally before approaching, to ensure that they are not zombified.

4) Learn to defend yourself. Shooting and hacking with a bladed weapon will come in handy. If you’re lucky, the living dead will go down with shots to the head. Don’t waste bullets on body shots, as they will prove ineffective. Rely on cutting with a sword, large knife or machete so you can save ammo.

5) Beware of your fellow survivors. Sometimes, they may be the biggest threat to your survival. Other humans who want your supplies or who have lost their minds in the disaster could try to kill you. Never let everyone know about all of your supplies, and never let your guard down completely. If someone is acting mysterious or weird, consider leaving immediately.

6) Stay prepared. Don’t fight zombies in your T-shirt; wear protective clothing if possible. Have non-perishable food and sleep when you can. Most of the time, death by the living dead is a result of careless mistakes and poor planning. Forewarned is forearmed.

Things You’ll Need:
Medical supplies
Sword or machete

What are YOUR thoughts? Anything to add?

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