Remembering Mondo 2000

Memorable covers from Mondo 2000

Todd Rundgren was hip, how about you?

For those of you who are really old school, and even remotely remember the cutting edge tech/culture journalistic magazine known as Mondo 2000R.U. Sirius is still alive and kicking, and he’s gotten full funding for a new project!

What project would that be?
Why, the telling of the history of the events associated with the making of the original Mondo 2000 magazine- of course! Think of it as the Gutenberg project for the Cyber crowd- even though we’re in more enlightened times, what with wireless and all…Still, the goal is noble enough- if nothing other than to preserve the record of a, at the time, influential piece of pop culture…

So, what do you say?
Give the project a visit, read some stories- show some support….

C’mon- how about for Queen Mu’s sake?

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