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I’m not sure how familiar you are with doing internet related businesses, or just how good an opportunity is currently out there with mobile, as a concept– but to put it bluntly, it’s like the good days of the dotcom boom back in 98-00…We’re running out of v4 ip address space BECAUSE of how many smart phones that are being produced, as an example of where this trend is taking us!

So, I apologize for the short notice, however I just learned about this today..
There’s a webinar later [Wed Sep 1] at noon cdt, over the topic of mobile marketing–
if you’re at all interested in the idea you can visit the below link for a basic overview

Free MobiBlueprint Webinar Info
and the opportunity to signup for the free webinar.

Other than about an hour of your time for the webinar itself, the only obligation might be giving out your email address for the free report and videos..should you chose to do so.

However, they do promise to give a few free tips and tricks, so it should be worth checking out!

I am a member of the training program, and can consult or work with you if you or someone you know wants to take their website, store, product or marketing campaign to the cutting edge [mobile] marketplace!

Feel free to contact me!

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