StarCraft 2 Strategies That Work!

Playing StarCraft 2 yet?
If you are, or if you’re thinking about playing one of the hottest games out right now, consider these tips:

  1. “Make more harvesters! In order to make the cool units that are fun to play — and lots of them — you must bring in as much money as possible. Keep making those harvesters!”
  2. “Spend your money! If you have over 1000 minerals you’re doing something wrong. Use that as a benchmark. If you have 3000 and beyond, you are doing something that much MORE wrong! Make harvesters, make units, make more production-oriented structures, and if all else fails…expand! Just make sure and spend your money.”
  3. “Manage your supply! If you can bring in money, spend the money and maintain supply: You will win games. Every time you get within a few supply of your capacity, increase said capacity so you do not get stopped! After a while you will develop the ability to anticipate this at a higher level. Make sure to cultivate that by being aware and working toward the goal of never being supply capped!”
  4. “Know your enemy! A lot of this game is about information. Scout your opponent! What are they doing? Where are they doing it? How much do they have? If you know these things, you have a chance to react. As you play Starcraft 2, you will learn the red flags and essentially develop a ‘sense’ for what is about to or could happen.”
  5. “This is a thinking person’s game. Pursue tips, tricks, and information. Explore the Web and find the community websites!,,, etc…. One must know how others did it if they want to do it!”

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