World of Warcraft – Zygor’s Guides [mini review]

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft of late (and I DO mean LATE), and wanted to share something I’ve encountered that has helped me enjoy the game a bit more!

I’ve been into gaming for quite a long time now, longer than I’d care to admit actually– and it’s one of those now guilty pleasures, as my plate is so full I rarely get the opportunity to truly enjoy a game or two, not like back in my youth at least….

So, with a rather great and pronounced reluctance, I finally stopped dragging my feet and joined up and started playing World of Warcraft. And, as predicted and advocated by all my gaming buddies, I liked it. I liked it a LOT. BUT, I have to manage my time when I’m on it, otherwise I play away all my ‘sleeping hours’ and still have to get to more productive tasks (but without the benefit of rest)…

So, I wondered exactly how I might manage to play World of Warcraft (WoW hereafter), but more effectively.

Enter, Zygor’s Guides

This is where playing aids like GUIDES come in.

Handy Add-on for World of Warcraft

Zygor's Guides
Saved Me Time!

I discovered a few different products, and in the coming weeks will be reviewing them and comparing– but an immediate standout has come to my attention, and I thought I’d pass along the same opportunity I am partaking in…

Zygor’s Guides is a very respected and reputable product in this field, and apart from showing you how to take on quests that maximize the use of your time, by giving you the best bang for your buck (or, phat loot for effort invested)- this is a definite MUST HAVE product for someone, such as myself, who is literally squeezed for time.

But Isn’t That CHEATING?

Well, if you’re a gamer, you probably already have your own opinion on what assistance vs cheating is… But let me lay it out as I see it:

If you like a game to want to invest both time and money on a monthly basis, wouldn’t you want to get your money’s worth?
For some people, this means exploring the whole game setting and taking on every little quest, mapping out every nook and cranny, reading every piece of dialog and poking every little sheep until it explodes.

If you’re that type of person, then these guides might deprive you of some of your ‘fun’..

However, if you’re the type of person who decides to get a brand new game (pc, console, doesn’t matter) and then go out, stumble around, get frustrated because the designers put in something that you just cannot figure out, so you go out and buy yourself a prima guide that gives you valuable information on aspects of the game which help you actually enjoy it more, then THIS PRODUCT is definitely for you

It’s all a matter of perspective, and what sort of activities are considered FUN for you…nothing more than that. This thing shows you where to go, but it doesn’t do the work for you– it just supplies a handy roadmap on where to go and what to do to get it done more efficiently…

And if you only get 1 hour a night, tops, to play a game you’re also spending $15 month on..what more could you ask for?

Oh wait!
There IS something you could ask for!

That the guides don’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Well, this weekend, they’re actually selling the guides at HALF PRICE!
That’s right, Zygor’s Guides are HALF OFF through the next 4 days!!!

That’s $50 for BOTH the Alliance AND Horde Guides – level 1 through 80, each!, as a separate package you can get the dailies and events package for $50 as well!
The leveling guides alone could easily shave off 1/3 or more of the time it would take to level up to the more advanced and truly fun levels! No matter where you are in your character’s development, these guides will apply to all of them, and is reusable for any new characters you decide to start playing!
PLUS, this is an add-on and is 100% compliant with Blizzard’s Terms of Service– so no getting banned for using it.
Additionally, once you’ve bought it it’s yours for life! They frequently update content and it wil go out and retrieve those updates with no extra cost to you! Think about that… Most products make you pay all over again each time they make an improvement (cough cough..Blizzard)…With this, you bought, you own it even though the game itself is constantly refining its own content!

What are you waiting for?


See you in game!
Befriend Mistopheles on Doomhammer]

[I just took two new characters to level 10 each in under two hours total time - soloing!!]

For the visually oriented, here’s a nice video that explains a bit more:

HURRY!! The sale ends Saturday July 17th at 11:59pm !

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