2010-05-05 A Day In The Life – Scams

In my ongoing efforts to improve my income levels, I have been researching various internet marketing concepts and have been reviewing and buying some materials to better understand the various techniques and concepts.

This has allowed me to become a person of interest for various ‘big sharks’ out there. You probably have seen some of the ads- buy this system to make internet millions..Well, the real deal is you buy- but that only puts you on a deeper list to be ‘eligible’ for ‘mentorships’ and ‘exclusive offers of training’.

Here’s a significant writeup of what I just encountered over a two day period, talking with ‘Marc’ no ‘Matthew’ of Ivy Capital (AKA ICICoaching LLC)…

They sent a link to their consulting contract- conveniently it wanted to charge us close to what we could afford [i.e.: the MAX limit on our highest card]- and ONLY using a credit card as payment….hmmmm…
It sounded interesting, but
It didn’t pass the B.S. factor– anyone wanting to know your credit history is marking you for a loan– and thanks to Dave Ramsey, I’m just not interested in taking out any more credit, thank you very much.

Thanks to this guy and his diligent research into what’s a scam and what’s real (in the realm of internet marketing), I think that WealthyAffiliate.com might actually be a worthy investment….

I hope to navigate the waters and craft an ethical path through this landscape– in addition to offering my own products, which my baby steps towards this direction definitely could use a boost in improved marketing capability…

I’ll be sure to share my further thoughts with myself here later…in case you care.

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