2009-09-04 A Day In The Life – Recipes !

This is a quickie public service announcement, that just happens to have a nice recipe too!

Phil’s Awesome Alternative Egg Salad A.K.A. “PAAEGS” [pronounced paygs]

  1. Place raw, uncooked, spinach in a big enough bowl to be tossed, turned and otherwise mixed.
  2. Prepare the raw avocado such that it is in slices (or chunks) and place into bowl of spinach.
  3. Cook the eggs OVER EASY. It is vitally important the yolk be runny. The whites should be cooked, however.
  4. Place the eggs in the bowl, then start stirring up all the ingredients. Ensure the whites get cut into smaller pieces, and the yolk gets broken up.
  5. Stir for about 1-3 minutes – ensure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  6. Eat & ENJOY!

As you can see, it’s egg ‘salad’, but not quite what you were originally thinking!
If the avocado was properly ripe and you didn’t put too much spinach, it still has the soggy/mushy aspects one normally expects from ‘traditional’ egg salad.
However, due to the nature of avocado and egg yolk, this is a quickie meal that needs to be consumed immediately after being prepared. Otherwise the avocado oxidization process along with the egg yolk will start breaking down the spinach and not be as enjoyable, flavor or texture-wise.

Steve Pavlina makes a really valid point about the use of eggs/chicken in his post, enough to warrant mention…
To be clear, I’ve made a conscious effort to only use the eggs from a local farm (Campo Lindo Farms), and have really enjoyed the consequences of the choice.

I admit, I’m still not 100% vegan- I still eat chicken and the occasional tuna/fish (the fish of which is much harder to verify wild caught, and certainly not extremely local!)…but the difference in taste is extremely notable!

If you’re following my blog, but not in the Kansas City area, you may wish to try this resource to get you started with local, to your area, options.

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