Remembrance of my friend, Chelsea Dawn Anderson.


Another blogger’s remembrance…

I knew Chelsea beginning around 1994…she was 22 and I, 24.

We met through a local BBS (for those not privileged enough to know what that was, it was like a local, dial-up version of IM/chat and a forum…)

My friend, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, now deceased.

She had a great sense of humor– one of her favorite lines was “I crack myself up”, after expressing her wry humor. She’d try to find a reason to smile, and had a very pretty one at that! She’d always joke that she was making the lemonade as fast as she could– since she had a lot of lemons to keep up with.

She had a big heart, but yet was also quite sensitive and vulnerable because of it. I think that is what endeared her to many people who met her. That she loved who she loved was always evident– and when I met her brother, Jake, years later- the love she had for him was very evident. Almost a motherly love, in addition to a protective, sibling type of love…

She always said, “I’m tough, I’ll survive. I’ve always been a survivor…”
A very spirited person, who had a lot of “spunk”.

Some memories I have are:
We went shopping together, throughout the course of or friendship– she always liked having companions. During that period [1994-1999] of her life she had a huge wardrobe– and dressed well. I think it represented independence for her– having been born with junior rheumatoid arthritis, she had a tough time while growing up and having people accept that she could do anything for herself…
She loved to drive herself, and was very proud and happy when she had gotten her own place in Shawnee Mission Kansas. She was very happy during that time [1995-ish]– inviting friends over and entertaining them, having a good time.

We went to a haunted house together- she, my girlfriend (at the time, M.Starnes) and I.
Chelsea got so scared in the house, she wouldn’t move. It was the Catacombs (now itself defunct)- and as part of the attraction it had a huge CRAWL-through maze, as well as rotating tunnel at the end. Chelsea just got so freaked out by it, she wouldn’t move– I had to hoist her upon me- piggy-back style, her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, and I crawled through the maze, on hands and knees all the while she was panicking and squeezing ever more tightly around my throat– culminating in a death-grip-gauntlet run through a tunnel that was about 20 feet long, rotating- complete with dozens of people tumbling through it- like one big human dryer.. Somehow, amazingly- I managed to stay upright and hop, jump and climb my way over all the obstacles…but at the end, I didn’t duck low enough- and poor Chelsea banged her head on a low hanging bar– not too bad, but I sure felt horrible that she went through all that…
After all was said and done, years later- it became a bonding point between us.
She knew I was her friend and would do what I could for her– even if she wouldn’t ask– she just knew I would help if I could.

Chelsea could sing, and was a very talented singer! In later years of her life, she would call and talk with me for hours on end, and every now and again she would gift me with a song. One of the best ones she knew by heart was Wind Beneath My Wings. She told me it was a song she learned when she was barely out of high school (or maybe in her last years of high school?), she sang it at a talent show of some sort- and received a lot of feedback from people telling her how she had inspired them. She really wanted to touch people’s hearts- especially through song. I wish I had been able to record her singing, so I could share it with you now- she truly sang beautifully and with a lot of heart and soul.

After she had moved back to her parents home in Anacortes, Washington- I hadn’t had a lot of opportunities to really see or visit with her. Finally, in 2004 I managed to fly up and stay with her and her parents for 4 days. The area was beautiful, we talked about all manner of things- I took some wonderful pictures (although Chelsea was very private and rarely liked having her picture taken, I was able to get a few shots at least).

I remember the call from her mother, on February 22nd. She spoke of Chelsea’s passing. It was too late to fly up for the funeral– but Donna had found my contact info and told me. I was stunned- and numbed. Only now, has my grief really caught up with me.
Chelsea was a great person…
There’s too much to remember her by, and not enough words to give everyone a sense of who she was- and what she brought to this world.
She always said she wanted to be an angel– and help people. Especially in the last 5 years I knew her. It was a common theme, as she was striving to find deeper meaning in her life.

But I can say this: In a word, Chelsea was Love.

Thank you for being in this world, Chelsea– and may you be with the greatest Love of all — God.
I you, dear friend.

My friend, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, now deceased.

My friend, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, now deceased.

Chelsea showing her classic raised eyebrow smile.

chelsea showing her classic raised eyebrow smile.

Chelsea and Sam circa 2004

Chelsea and Sam circa 2004

The obituary I found online:
Chelsea Dawn Anderson 1971-2009, posted here for posterity:

“Birth: May 6, 1971
Death: Feb. 13, 2009

Chelsea Dawn Anderson, 37, of Anacortes, Washington died at Island Hospital in Anacortes, due to complications of pneumonia. She had suffered most of her life with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

She is survived by her mother, four sisters, one brother and other relatives and friends. The brother, Jake Anderson, is a deckhand aboard the Northwestern. This is one of the ships featured in the reality tv show, Deadliest Catch.



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