2009-07-07 A Day In The Life

Found myself within an existential cross-roads– I cried out to the Universe- asking what it wanted from me, what could I do for it…asked whether I was on the right track with my current activities…

I got a response within a few hours-
was contacted by an old poet friend, who in 2003 helped motivate me to write a wonderful poem that was published by her company (in South Africa)– which made me reflect on the wonderful nature of my poetry at that time in my life– nudging me that perhaps I need to get back into that groove–

and then, was approached on the street by a person who represents an art/creativity journal based out of wisconsin (eXpressionsjournal.com) …
they accept work for publication, in all the categories I am artistic/creative in..

THEN, a cleaning company contacts me about what they can do for my rental properties, of which I do have one coming empty next week–and probably will need cleaning…
SO, I am hopeful that the Universe will provide a new steward/owner for that particular property—as I feel the management of the various properties are taking up precious time from my, more important to me, tasks and activities….

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