Steve Pavlina lets us know how we can save the environment!

The University of Chicago reports that going vegan is 50% more effective than switching to a hybrid car in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Imagine how much better it gets if you incorporate lots of raw, unprocessed, and/or locally grown foods too. You can be vegan and still eat mostly processed foods that require more energy to produce, but you’ll still be causing much lower emissions than someone who buys commercial animal foods.

Just love this article! He had some humorous things to say, in addition to his usual well thought out essay format….

Bottom line is crystallized in the above quote— drop meat from your diet– cut down on 80% of greenhouse producing gases…..sounds logical and sensible to me!

Granted- entire industries would be gone– but the shift would be to agriculture rather than [factory] meat production…
re-educate away!

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