2009-05-24 A Day In The Life


A lot has been going on in my life as of late.
Too much to really detail– especially since some involves health issues and effects.

Short form:
My body basically has an issue with it’s immune system- thinking all sugars (external and hormone/biologic) are BAD…
It has been fighting itself for a long time, and has only just been puzzled through with the assistance of Dr. Alain Salas.

Eating produces natural biologic/hormonal/enzyme sugars to be produced by a naturally functioning body. When that happens, my body responds inappropriately as if such were an attack– additionally, causing damage to the brain centers using/needing these necessary nutrients to function.

Intense head/brain based pain- akin to migraine activity, but not limited to light/sound sensitivity, neurological based pain associated with joints/muscles and feverish based bodily temperatures/responses…

The best way I have of dealing with these responses is to completely NOT eat anything with sugar or that produces sugar in the body once eaten (fruits, starches/carbs, etc)…

Effectively- I’ve become a vegetarian(vegan).

When I cross the line, a days worth of painful suffering is in store for me.
How’s THAT for the ultimate in enforced discipline?

I write this not to get a pity=party from it, but to document it.

I am in the process of taking supplements from Standard Process (after all is said and done- at least 13 different kinds total)– starting with 4 at the moment:

Cholacol II 2 tablets/daily
Congaplex 2 capsules/daily
Parotid PMG 2 tablets/daily
Spanish Black Radish (organic) 3 tablets/daily

I’ve been extensively reading up on my
The Complete Book of Raw Food, Second Edition
book.. trying to find interesting and sugar/starch free recipes to make life fun at a culinary level…

I’ve been good with the juicing for 3 months now– while I don’t do it 100% every day, I’m drinking at least 1 meal as a juice for about 5 days a week..which, I’ll need to ramp up a bit more in the very near future…

Again, I cannot stress how wonderful
The Juicing Bible really has been for my journey…
Very informative– the same authors wrote more health based books as well, giving info about how to apply the juicing process as ‘medicine’…
Juicing for Life: A Guide to the Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juicing

After I get my [fifth] part-time job at Geek Squad I hope to invest in a VitaMix and an Excalibur Dehydrator

So, that’s a very basic run-down of my recent life and times…Thanks for your interest and attention!

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