Statement on Feelings about people [generally speaking]

I Love and feel connection to all…people, plants, rocks..all.

People require a bit more compassion and understanding to get along with however.
Especially when any particular one is expressing themself in an especially fearful way….

Having a sense of (unconditional, whole-heartedness) LOVE for anyone often can help [me] work through whatever is going on within them, that is causing them to be fearful (or block their own connectedness to everything)…
However, when the expression of fear lends itself to extreme physical/emotional abuse– sometimes a distancing (for protection) can be useful…but that doesn’t mean they get written off or cut-out of interactivity– just a more compassionate and thoughtful approach gets taken.

With regards to ‘drawing a line’— it’s really a matter of trying to understand the amount of fear and the true thinking behind its expression…uncovering the core belief that generates it, especially if the uncovering can be done in a way that the person harboring the belief can see for themselves what they are doing and conclude that the ‘why’ of it is no longer ‘real’ to them…causing the belief to alter or even be discarded…

Sometimes, when encountering differences/difficulties I remind myself:
Everyone has a gift for me– and I for them. In every interaction…sometimes it is hidden and must be gently mined, or uncovered….

So, developing the patience to uncover it..that’s the fun part!

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