Steve Pavlina article – How To Graduate From Christianity

Steve’s going to be smoking a dookee in hades for his recent article, How To Graduate From Christianity, but it really has some very good points about how the institutional aspects of organized religion have manipulated and controlled those who participate in said practices….

My own personal beliefs go for the more direct approach, that of being in relation with Jesus’ teachings (as expressed in the Bible)– rather than ascribe to any particular hierarchical ‘group think’ organization that is willing to synthesize it for me…

Although, some of that does get done simply by the translation I choose….(I prefer New Living Translation myself).
But I’m willing to accept that part– as King James or older language just gets a little too obtuse for my needs.

Anytime somebody decides they need to ‘help me’ interpret a teaching, while I appreciate the sentiment– I can never be absolutely sure of the motive- or correctness for that matter, of the offerer….

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