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Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged
by Keith M

Contemplating this advice, I have come to see the following:

# Criticism is a form of judgment. I would also include the labels placed on a person.

# That judgment in this regard has a great deal to do with personal relationship issues, not the person being judged.

# When I judge somebody else to be a certain way, often times it is a trait that I have, yet one hidden in my shadow self. In being judgmental, I may see an unrecognized trait, if I remain aware enough to catch the judgment and honest enough to recognize it for what it is.

# A judgment becomes a fixed perception, once the judgment is created, action follows it. An erroneous judgment leads to wrong action, and any judgment creates a diminished capacity for communication.

# A judgment that is shared between people removes the ability for direct relationship of those persons. People then relate to the judgment, and not one another.

# Judgments obfuscate truth, and remain fixed in time, holding the judging one in thrall to the past.

# Judgment always remains personal and individual, creating divisions inside a person, in families, in communities, countries, ethnic groups, religious groups, and the world as a whole.

# The greater a persons judgmental nature, the more isolated that person becomes from the world; their group of friends remain those who share similar judgments (us), and those who disagree with the judgment are outsiders (them / enemy.)

As I see it, judgment becomes the basis of violence, starting with internal violence that naturally impacts the external world.

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