2009-04-12 Reflections on Self-Enforced Limitations

I’ve been doing some interior soul-gazing…

In the name of Love, I have permitted myself to become limited.

I have a larger boundary-less nature [allowing me the luxury of not being able to say ‘no’ all the time, alas] – whereas my companion has specific boundaries, and is quick to (re)enforce them when broken.

To the point that, in order to provide a sense of security, and peace [for her needs]- I have now consented to a huge restriction of previously known/enjoyed ‘freedoms’…

I understand, in the course of human relationship, compromises and other agreements must be met, negotiated and agreed/enforced – to account for the differences of personality/needs/individuality of those so included in such relationship…

but- how far is TOO far?
What is the tipping point, if any, that one determines the cage is too restrictive? Too..controlling?

This matter has become quite pronounced in my focus.

To love unconditionally asks that you set aside your own ego– to look deeper into the very humanity of those you are loving– but does it demand the complete abandon of self-love, self-value?
At what points does the selfless-ness actually impede personal growth? At what point is it a hindrance, or is an excuse to not alter situations that are not completely healthy or empowering?

This is the extent of my public pondering.

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