2009-04-04 A Day In The Life – Things TODO Today

Just a list of things I need to work on today (this weekend)– nothing exciting, just me organizing my thoughts/priorities.

  • Post otr microwave to craigslist
  • Post white electric stove to craisglist
  • Post display case to craigslist
  • Contact CT-Harvard about payment plan
  • Contact VB-Woodson about pickup arrangements
  • Deposit MHA
  • Recycle
  • Begin uploading pictures to my online photo gallery/merchant site
  • Set pricing of uploaded pictures
  • Plug my photo on Josh’s site [DONE!]
  • Post original [dead hd] modded xbox to ebay
  • Post [working] amiga cd32 auction on ebay
  • Post [dead] amiga cd32 auction on ebay
  • Contact BC about consulting gig for next weekend
  • Watch The Watchman with wifey before it goes away
  • Contact JW about not seeing Quintron tonight (sorry–I know it’s good, but am already tired and must attend to these other things…) 🙁
  • Call my mom back!!!
  • Package & send bday gift for my sister
  • Help wifey’s friend CW move
  • Contact AC about next Fridays’ breakfast thingy
  • Investigate xbox compatibility
  • Buy new trash can lid
  • Buy doggy treats for Dexter
  • Shave beard!!!!
  • Declutter garage – find fume source, fix/clean as necessary
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