“I Never Really Knew Him” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

A really important message today-
If we’re not present for and with our children– the casualty and cost later in their lives will be much more than whatever we think we are doing to benefit them today.

Don’t get into that kind of defecit– it is a slippery slope into comlplete irresponsibility.

Ephesians 6:4
And fathers, do not provoke your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Do you have any doubts about the importance of your role as a parent? Just read the following letter written by an associate of mine:

I can still picture my dad bouncing me on his knee, coaching me in Little League, showing me how to shine my shoes, helping me reel in my first fish and telling me stories about his early days as an undercover detective on the Berkeley, California, police force.

I can still hear him saying the words, “Son, I love you.” I can imagine him messing my hair, wrestling with me on the living room floor and sharing a hot dog with me at a San Francisco Giants game.

I can still see him puffing up his chest when he talked about me to his friends. He was proud to be my dad. He would do anything for me. I was his son; he was my dad. I was a chip off the old block.

I can still see all of this and much more, but I don’t see it in the reservoir of fond memories. Instead, I recall it from an imagination and yearning that wished then and wishes now that it were so. My dad left home when I was three. I never really knew him.
I’m 26 years old. I still miss my dad (even though that’s hard to admit). I even cry sometimes when I’m honest with myself about how I feel.

Reading this poignant letter, I couldn’t help reflecting on the number of children today who will replay a similar record in their minds. Not just those from broken homes, but those whose parents are absent in other ways.

That you will be able to make opportunities that create memories for your children that they don’t have to manufacture.

How will your children remember you? Will they say you were involved in their lives-or were you physically or emotionally absent?

Dear God-
Thank you for today’s message- may I be an instrument of your love with my children, and always be available to them for whatever need and lesson they are needing. Thank you for the lessons you provide me- so that I may get your will and commands, particularly regarding their welfare, upbringing and loving needs.

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