2009-03-02 A Day In The Life

I’ve been taking care of annual accounting/tax preparation tasks for the various businesses… found a nice used (but like-new condition) microwave for the empty house— hoping for occupancy and soon!
Must get the level, drill, screwdrivers and possibly screws with anchors to mount it .. tomorrow.

Been applying to various oDesk.com and Rentacoder.com jobs.. waiting waiting waiting for something to pan out.

I’ve also been using the Whole Body cleanse from Enzymatic. It’s been very mild, gentle and natural– very much unlike my regularity of late…I’d highly recommend it over any OTC chemical based product (ex-lax comes to mind)… Very stress/pain-free and completely herbal…

I’ve done a spit test for candida..I have the signs..Will be getting a test done from a local natural healthcare provider on Wednesday- to verify with certainty.

I’ve also been taking daily garlic and ‘yeast cleanse’ herbal supplements, along with drinking pure/raw/freshly juiced vegetables (breakfast/lunch consumption)– my energy, clarity and mental acuity levels have increased dramatically– but I’m not out of the woods yet..my suspicion is the candida is systemic– I had so many symptoms, that while some have abated– many are still present… it was the borderline feeling of psychosis & unexplained anger that really got to me though…most of that has really cleared up since I began the herbal regimen…thankfully.

Well, I’m done for the moment– must be off to find my tools and put them in my car for tomorrow’s install.

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