Seizing the Moment by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Seizing the proper moment to impart a lesson….requires mindful-ness and awareness, or ‘just in time opportunity spotting’…

2 Corinthians 6:2 (NCV)
I tell you that the “right time” is now, and the “day of salvation” is now.

The Greek New Testament uses the word kairos for what Paul calls “the right time” here, in distinction to chronos, which just means linear time. God selected the right time to bring salvation through Christ. And He gives us kairos moments in the family-special times that we must seize before they pass.

That time I pulled out of my driveway and was able to share a sense of assurance and security to Ashley was such a moment. Teachable moments provide us with opportunities to imprint God’s values and pass on His agenda to the next generation. Our attempts to do this are often in vain if a child simply isn’t ready for the truth we want to impart. So it’s important to be alert, to listen carefully, stop and respond immediately, and gently share the truth.

I could tell my little talk with Ashley took root a couple of months later when my son Benjamin, who was then 10 years old, had a similar “fear attack.” It was bedtime, and I had read a few stories to the kids, tucked them into bed and prayed with them. I had told Benjamin he could read until 9:00. But at 9:05, as I was writing in my study, I felt a child’s presence next to my chair. It was Benjamin.

Putting my arm around him, I said, “What’s up, Buddy? You’re supposed to be in bed, aren’t you?”
Sheepishly, Benjamin replied, “Dad, I was reading Huckleberry Finn and there were these robbers….” He paused, looking at the floor, then went on, “Dad, I’m afraid robbers will come upstairs while I’m sleeping.”

I pulled him close and gave him a firm hug and said, “Hey, it’s all right. Let me tell you what happened with your sister Ashley the other morning.” I went on to share about her fears and the process of unplugging her dependence on me and plugging it into God.
Just then Ashley appeared. She listened with a smile as I finished comforting Benjamin. As they walked up the stairs going back to bed, I heard Ashley say, “It’s okay, Benjamin, I’ve been afraid, too.”

That God will give you sensitivity to discern the right time, and the wisdom to choose the right words at your children’s teachable moments.

Can you think of a time in your youth when you learned a spiritual lesson from an adult? What are the five most important truths you must teach your children? List them.

Dear God,
I ask for your guidance in teaching my children in the right moments anything in your heart and that you command me to…If it be your will, I ask for special guidance and provision for these principles:

  1. Love
  2. Compassion
  3. Faith
  4. Integrity
  5. Honesty


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