The One Law of Creation – Part 1 by Owen Waters

Before Creation, there existed only Infinite Being. No
universe, no Creator exploring itself through its own
manifestations, not even any motion of which to speak. Just
the silent, reflective beingness of the all-encompassing
consciousness which is the very essence of completeness and

From this unchanging, pure beingness of Infinite Being emerged
the potential for action as God, the One Creator.

Infinite Being, as the all-encompassing consciousness behind
all of Creation, is not ‘an infinite being’ or ‘the Infinite
Being.’ Any prefix before the name would suggest the existence
of more than one. As there is only one, it is referred to
simply as ‘Infinite Being.’

From Infinite Being, the One Creator emerged, bringing with it
the potential for exploring itself from all possible
perspectives. In order to achieve this, the One Creator
‘divided the waters’ of its consciousness into two equal parts.
These aspects of Original Consciousness were then set into
complementary motion in order to make Creation possible.

The universe is therefore built upon three Original
Principles. In their most fundamental form, these are the
Principles of Thought, Feeling and Motion.

The Principle of Original Thought can also be thought of as a
Principle of Creative Will. Traditional terms for this
principle include the Divine Father, Brahma, or God the Father.

The principle of Original Feeling can also be thought of as a
Principle of Preservation. Traditional terms for this principle
include the Divine Mother, Vishnu, or the Holy Spirit.

God, the One Creator, has a triune nature of thought and
feeling set into complementary motion. It is the active face of
the underlying, unchanging perfection which is Infinite Being.

God can be thought of as equal parts Divine Father and Divine
Mother, expressing both aspects in equal balance. You can be
assured that they are in equal balance because, were they not,
the universe would go unstable and collapse!

Life as we know it, therefore, was designed to be the
interaction of thought and feeling through constant change.

In the physical world, the stage upon which the theater of
life is enacted employs two essential concepts of consciousness
– space and time. These concepts exist in order that life may
be experienced from an unlimited number of locations along an
unlimited number of timelines. Every coordinate in space and
time provides another potential viewpoint of the underlying,
unchanging, Eternal Here and Now which is behind all reality.

In the beginning, was said to be the ‘word,’ a decree issued
forth by God the Creator. In the deeper states of meditation,
mystics hear the sound of Creation being constantly transmitted
by the Sun. They define this etheric, non-physical sound as
“A-U-M.” The ‘A’ is thought, or creative will. The ‘U’ is
feeling, or preservation. The ‘M’ is the motion which
intertwines and activates the combined thought and feeling
aspects of consciousness.

The Principle of Thought or Creative Will transmits
consciousness outwards while the Principle of Feeling attracts
and brings consciousness together. The tension between these
opposite forces of projection and attraction is carefully
balanced in order to determine factors such as the speed of
light, the size of the universe, and the exact density of
consciousness experienced by each realm of existence.

For example, the afterlife is a less dense layer of existence
than today’s physical world. In the afterlife, the mind has
more influence on the quasi-physical matter that exists there.
Magic, as portrayed in the Harry Potter novels, doesn’t work
that way in the physical world but, as everyone knows from
their nocturnal out-of-body adventures, it does work that way in
the afterlife or astral world, and you don’t need a wand. This
is why magical dramas such as Harry Potter are so compelling.
People forget their nightime adventures, but they still know
intuitively that such drama can be real in another reality.

To summarize, here is the single, all-inclusive Law of

“The universe is one conscious being, observing the effects of
its own thoughts, feelings and actions from all possible

Next week: The underlying concepts implied within the one Law
of Creation.

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