Inspirational Fatherhood

I am heartened by the character of our new leader– both the attitude and the principles he espouses and acts upon– in his
Letter to My Children, by Barak Obama I cannot but help feel that the leadership of America has been restored to integrity..

Carey Casey, in his Championship Fathering site, adds:

Tell your kids about someone who came before you who paid a price so that you could have advantages or opportunities. It could be someone in your family, your profession, your community, etc.

? Ask your children what they want to be when they grow up. Encourage them to dream big.
? Consider writing your own “What I Want for You” letter to your children.
? Do something to make our nation greater for the children of tomorrow. Be one of the 6.5 million men we’re enlisting to create a culture of Championship Fathering. Make the commitment here and ask five other dads to join you.
? Find two or three other dads who will pray for you every day as the “head coach” of your family.

Let’s really model for our children the positive aspects of what we wish for them to integrate into their being— so we may truly leave a lasting and benefical legacy for the future…

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