Invoking Spiritual Consciousness by Owen Waters

Invoking Spiritual Consciousness
by Owen Waters

Not surprisingly, higher states of consciousness carry much
more power to change reality than do the lower states of
consciousness. The higher you reach, the more effect your
consciousness has in resolving problems and creating a better
life. Spiritual practices not only lead to expanded states of
consciousness, but also to the inner qualities of happiness,
peace and joy. Seeking joy from within is an activity which
places you in tune with the flow of eternal joy which resides
there, waiting for you to contact it, feel it, and express it.

However, in the busy modern world, we really need a practical
way to move into spiritual consciousness quickly and
effectively. This is achieved by empowering your heart-centered
level of consciousness so that you can move quickly through the
gateway of the heart and into the realms of spiritual

Heart-centered consciousness is typically focused in a chakra,
or energy center, approximately four inches (ten centimeters)
in front of the breastbone. It is a small, whirling vortex of
energy operating at a specific frequency of consciousness. This
chakra can be used to sense the heart-centered consciousness of
others and it can also be used in transmission mode to send
unconditional love to others. When your heart is warmed in the
company of a true friend, it is this energy center, and its
energetic counterpart just behind the spine, which are involved
in the giving and receiving of that warmth between you and your

Universal life energy, or etheric energy, comes from the
universe, through the Sun, and fills all of the space around
you. On a sunny day, when its presence is especially intense,
your eyes can often faintly detect globules of this energy
floating in the air as you look up towards the clear sky.
Etheric energy is the primary energy of life, while its more
familiar offshoot, electricity, is merely a secondary form of

To invoke spiritual consciousness, we can add universal life
energy to the heart chakra in order to swiftly activate
heart-centered consciousness.

As a primary energy, universal life energy responds
immediately to the mental pressure exerted by your will. It can
be attracted, conditioned and even transmitted outwards to any
desired objective. In order to charge your heart chakra with
universal life energy, you visualize it coming into your body
on each inbreath.

See it as a white light permeating the space which surrounds
you. Then, see this white light enter and fill your lungs as it
passes through your nostrils on each inbreath. Draw this
life-giving energy into yourself using the power of your will.

Then, on each outbreath, see this concentration of energy as a
brilliant white light moving forward into your heart chakra,
filling this center of consciousness with intense light and
vitality. The reason we see it as a brilliant white light, and
not a specific color, is because white light is all-inclusive.
It is a combination of all the colors of the spectrum in equal

Do this for at least three inbreaths and outbreaths and your
consciousness will shift into a heart-centered focus.

That is step one of the FREEdom technique. Now that your heart
chakra is charged with intense energy, you are capable of
transmitting that energy to any desired objective. We will be
choosing the highest possible objectives, in terms of frequency
of consciousness, as that causes the law of action and reaction
to guarantee us the highest degree of spiritual upliftment as a

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