The Power of Love by Owen Waters

Love, in its various forms, is the almighty drive that sends
people to the extremes of human endeavor. This potent force
which pervades the universe is part and parcel of the human
experience, providing people with learning and evolution. It
is the driving force behind all life in its journey back to
the Oneness of all things.

There are many forms of love. There is the love of a mother
for her baby. There is the love of a child for their parents.
There is the camaraderie of people of like mind. There is the
love shown by self-sacrifice in order to save others during a

All these are manifestations of the one love, the one energy
which pervades all existence upon all frequencies of
consciousness. The world is changing. It is transforming into a
world of human dignity and poise, where one person is honored
by all other people, where suffering has come to an end because
people reach out with their hearts to serve humanity in any way
they see fit.

It is a world of love that will blossom forth when fear comes
to an end. When fear is transformed, people will not fight for
resources, they will create ways to make sure there is enough
of everything for everyone. When fear is transformed, people
will not need to have power over others in order to feel more
secure within themselves.

Fear is a mental energy. It circulates the globe within the
mind belt of mankind. It can be transformed into love by the
prayers and intentions of every spiritually-minded individual
upon the face of the globe. When fear is neutralized by love,
world peace will dawn. Sending your love energy out into the
world is an act of transformation, and one with your name on
it. When you are joined by millions of others in this dynamic
act of transformation, we will have peace on earth.

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