2008-12-09 A Day In The Life …

I received my Juicer from Tribest last night.

I was very excited, inspected everything (noted a few issues)- ran some errands, bought a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits- all raring to try it out!

I washed everything completely [juicer & veggies], prepped the various ingredients for my first official juice…
when I discovered that the motor and/or power switch didn’t work!
No amount of fiddling, futzing, praying, cursing and being mindful of my emotions about the situation helped, alas.

So I ended up making a ‘smoothie’ using our rather venerable Osterizer blender…

Keeping in mind the recipe/ingredients were intended for a juicing experience rather than a smoothie experience, I was brave and drank the concoction.
It was an acquired taste and the texture was something that took some getting used to…

It’s the Leafy Greens recipe from
The Juicing Bible

Here it is:

  • 4 leaves of spinach (i used a bunch [handful]since i had organic baby spinach)
  • 1 beet (including top)
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 granny smith apple (this was originally intended for my wife, otherwise I would’ve used a red/sweet apple)
  • 2 leaves of kale

I added about a cup of water to get it to blend- probably could’ve used another cup to make it less pulpy..
I would definitely try it as a juice, it had a hint of bitterness (probably the kale) and saltiness (definitely the celery), but the beet sweetened it up and the apple soured it a bit…
It was an interesting textural experience to be sure! (at times I was sifting/chewing it rather than drinking.)

Will have to get in touch with Tribest’s customer support to quickly rectify the doa juicer (I bought it refurbed, but I guess they forgot to refurb it?)…

What’s been going on in YOUR life?

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