2008-11-06 Latest Developments in my Life

Hello there!

I have been really soaking in many of the posts over at Steve Pavlina’s blog, and especially his Juice Feasting Experiment!

I have purchased a couple of books from Amazon, most notably:
The Complete Book of Raw Food, Second Edition
Raw Foods for Busy People

note: those are abbreviated titles- for some reason raw food book authors like to make paragraph long titles.

I found both books to be really helpful- with the The Complete Book of Raw Food being stellar! Not only did it have product recommendations for juicers, mixers and food processors, but over 350+ recipes and even a schedule to plan meals by.

The other book, Raw Foods For Busy People was really helpful on identifying recipes for ‘quick & easy’ meals and had a nice primer for basic concepts and terms.

I haven’t completely stopped eating cooked/meat items, but have significantly ramped up on the vegan foods, with some emphasis on being raw too….

I will continue to monitor Steve’s Juice Feasting, but until I can invest in a juicer, mixer/blender I won’t be following one myself.

If YOU are going raw or contemplating juice feasting, please let me know and give me your thoughts on the topic– I understand it to be quite a commitment, and the detox effects really do seem to have an impact- particularly in the first 30 days, so would be curious to hear pointers and have those with such experience to share it.

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