Understanding Your Gift by Os Hillman

We are blessed with various gifts from God (the Universe, One)– but we must be able to discern it, and ensure we use it to the intentions it was provided… The first step, however, is discernment. What are you good at? What brings you satisfaction, and lets you know God is pleased with you?
THAT’s your gift.
But, like all tools, it needs to be used in a correct manner. Just because you happen to be a good negotiator, using that gift to cheat other people is not the way such a gift was intended. The gift must still be used responsibly and in ways that benefit our fellow humans….

I believe my gift to be that of communication and sharing of the wonder of God.
What’s yours?

Here’s Os’ lesson and story about his gift:

1 Corinthians 12:1
Now about spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant.

In First Corinthians 12 and Romans 12, the apostle Paul is teaching us about the role of spiritual gifts in the Church. He correlates these gifts to a human body, telling us that each person’s gift helps the whole Body of the Church. This is such an important principle for us to learn. I must say I learned this principle regarding my own spiritual gift the hard way.

“God will never speak as strongly to you as to someone else,” said my mentor to me one day. The statement shocked me. “What in the world do you mean by that?” I argued with him.

“Your spiritual gift of administration/leading is one of the most dangerous gifts in the whole Body of Christ. The reason is that you can see the big picture better than anyone else, and you’re so task-oriented that you will run people into the ground getting your project completed because you think you see it so clearly. That is why the best friend you could ever have is someone with a prophetic gift to discern whether the big picture you see is actually the picture God is directing. It is the one gift that can almost stand alone better than any other-at least that is the opinion of the one with that gift.”

Oh, how I have learned this lesson the hard way! He was so right. There have been many a church staff destroyed by a person with the gift of administration. During my years as an ad agency owner, I saw how I stressed out my staff because of the tremendous load I put on them with multiple projects. It was so easy for me because the more balls I had juggling, the better I felt. I was oblivious to how my multi-task personality impacted those around me.

Today, I have some special relationships with intercessors and prophetic people whom I depend on for confirmation of direction. I have learned their spiritual gifts of discernment are of great value in determining strategic direction. I have learned that God has placed within each person a spiritual gift that is designed to make the Body of Christ function better for His purposes. When we discover the spiritual gifts God has placed in those around us, we are better able to see the Body function as a real body-totally dependent on one another. Some of us are more sensitive to God’s voice because God has gifted us in that way. Others of us are less sensitive because God wants us to depend on others in the Body for their gifts. Find out whom God has placed around you today and discover a new dimension of spiritual productivity.

Dear God-
Thank you so much for the gift to inspire– for it is not by me, but through me that YOU inspire! It is hard for me to fathom the amazing beauty, wonder, wisdom and creativity that you exude out to all creation– and through all creation, you share yourself.

God, please guide us in honoring you with our gifts– enable us to see how we can share what you’ve given us, with others– so all may benefit from your generosity.

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