More About Spiritual Light by Owen Waters

Last week’s article, The Healing Power of Spiritual Light,
defined the natures of spiritual light and spiritual darkness.

It stated that spiritual darkness is the absence of spiritual
light. Spiritual darkness itself is not real. It is merely an
absence of something that is real. Evil is an illusion because
a shadow is not a real thing. Light is the real thing. A shadow
is really no more than an illusion caused by the absence of

This article raised two main questions. One was for
clarification about which chakra light flows through in the
second law of spiritual light. The other was to ask why people
suffer at all.

The Laws of Spiritual Light, again, are:

1. The transformative ability of spiritual light is
proportional to the frequency of the consciousness used to
project it.

2. The amount of spiritual light projected is proportional to
the degree of openness of the chakra through which it flows.

Spiritual light law number two refers to the chakra face which
is in use at the time, and it depends upon the frequency of
consciousness in use at the time. You will already be familiar
with the nature of the twelve faces of the seven major chakras
if you have read my book, “The Shift: the Revolution in Human
Consciousness.” The chakra faces are gateways of thought.
Thoughts come into you from, and go from you out to, the global
mind atmosphere. Your frequency of consciousness, at any moment
in time, determines which chakra face will be used as the
active gateway.

Basically, your chakra system is like a receiving and
transmitting radio station, only with frequencies of
consciousness. What you do with the consciousness as it flows
through you is your contribution to the global mind atmosphere.

Much of Western society today functions, on average, through
the higher of the two solar plexus chakra faces. This is face
number five, which is intellectual-active in function and
expresses itself through physical achievement.

Heartfelt consciousness is face number six, the lower heart
chakra face, which is holistic-receptive in nature and
expresses through the consciousness of caring community.
Heart-powered consciousness is the upper heart chakra face,
which is holistic-active and expresses itself as a sense of
responsible freedom.

Your frequency of consciousness can vary from minute to
minute. If you are in a healthy state of unconditional love and
acceptance, you are functioning in heart-centered
consciousness. If you turn on today’s television news, however,
you will soon be tempted to drop into polarity consciousness.
While unconditional love is a function of unity and harmony,
polarity consciousness, which was named after the opposite
poles of a magnet, generates separation, tension and conflict.

Why People Suffer

We live in a world filled with many kinds of darkness, none of
which would exist if people were already following their
spiritual hearts instead of the illusion of separation.

This world of illusion is constructed so that people appear to
be separate from each other. In reality, we are all one.

This world of illusion is constructed so that we reflect on
our memories and plan for tomorrow. In reality, time is an
illusion that is manufactured in order for dramas to play out.
The only reality is now.

This world of illusion is constructed so that people are
orphaned from their spiritual source. In reality, we are that
source, looking at that source from an infinite variety of

The great treasure of life in a world of freewill is that we
eventually learn to stand on our own two feet as self-empowered
sparks of that from which we came.

Once upon a ‘time,’ before time existed, we volunteered to
leave our spiritual home and descend into the acute focus which
is provided by these dense realms of physicality. After we have
worked through the illusions of this theater of life we will
become self-empowered spiritual sparks, tempered in the fire of
acute experience.

There is a tradition that says that it is hard to complete the
cycle of continual rebirth on planet Earth. That idea came into
being simply because the time was not yet ripe for The Shift.

The Cosmic Scale of The Shift

Today, the rules are changing. As The Shift unfolds, people
are finding themselves faced with imminent transformation into
the heart-centered reality that we call the New Reality. The
Shift is not confined to planet Earth, nor even to our solar
system. It is a transformation which is cosmic in scale. The
ethers are alive with an ever-increasing pull which beckons
humanity back towards the spiritual home from which we came.

In the cosmic scale of time, today’s phase of the New Reality
will pass by in the mere blink of an eye. The New Reality,
today’s emerging heart-centered consciousness, is a link to
that which lies beyond. Humanity will spend mere centuries in
passing through the current New Reality and completing our
adventure in physical existence.

As we master heart-centered consciousness, our physical bodies
will become lighter in density. We will work through the joy of
reconnection with our spiritual source, eventually leaving
physicality behind. The only mystery remaining will be why
humanity took so long to reach that place of active harmony and
joyful expression.

Then, we will return to our spiritual home, very different
than before, and very much wiser than when we originally left.

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