Belief or Unbelief by Os Hillman

Romans 4:3
…”Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

Each morning we awake and go about our day based on one of two beliefs: Either we believe in God and our every action is motivated by this central value, or we do not really believe and our actions reflect so.

You can be a believer yet act as though there is no God. Whenever you fret over life circumstances, you immediately demonstrate unbelief. Whenever you move out of fear or anxiety, you believe a lie about God’s nature.

Each day your actions affirm or convict you of your belief system. It reveals who the central focus of your life really is-you or God. It reveals who you place your ultimate trust in-you or God. It is one of the great paradoxes for believers. One day we can believe Him to move mountains. The next day we can question His very existence.

  • Peter believed God and walked on water.
  • A sick woman touched the hem of His garment and was healed.
  • A Canaanite woman believed and freed her daughter from demon-possession.

In what circumstances do you act as an “unbeliever”? Ask God to increase your level of trust so that your actions match up with one who believes every day.

This is so true– we often ground our reality and choices in fear, not believing God will provide– or believing that just because we do not have something, we are worse off than what we are.
God will take care of our needs– even if He ignores our wants.

God, please forgive me my expectations born of selfishness, and I thank you for the abundance and grace you have always given. I am sorry for my lack of faith in your abilities, and know you always come through in your own due time, according to your Divine planning.


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