The Root of Bitterness by Os Hillman

Hebrews 12:15
See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.

The enemy of our souls has a very specific strategy to destroy relationships. Whether these relationships are in business, marriage, or friendships, the strategy is the same. A conflict arises, judgments are made, and feelings are hurt. What happens next is the defining point of whether the enemy gains a foothold, or the grace of God covers the wrong.

When a root of bitterness is allowed to be planted and grown, it not only affects that person, but it also affects all others who are involved. It is like a cancer.

Breaking satan’s foothold requires at least one person to press into God’s grace. It cannot happen when either party “feels” like it, for none of us will ever feel like forgiving. None of us feel like talking when we have been hurt. Our natural response is to withdraw or lash out at the offending party. It is only obedience that allows God’s grace to cover the wrongs incurred. This grace prevents the parties from becoming victims who will seek compensation for their pain.

The next time you are hurt by someone, realize the gravity of the crossroads where you find yourself. Choose grace instead of bitterness. Then you will be free to move past the hurt, and a root of bitterness will not be given opportunity to grow.

This has been a recurring lesson in my own life for the past several years.
I have had many opportunities to apply forgiveness and ask for God’s grace– sometimes daily.

I sometimes stumble when the other party still harbors bitterness and it shows in how they interact with me. It does feed itself, and is a painful path to be on…

I ask that God forgive me my trespasses, and stating right now that I have a contrite heart – I am truly sorry for my sins against my loved ones and people whom I have negatively impacted without even knowing.
I lean on God and ask to be shown how I might make amends to those I’ve wronged.

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