X Files: I Want To Believe [movie review]

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I was, once upon a time, a rather devoted fan of a wonderful little television show that ran for a decade or so- a show that appealed to my sense of the unknown, yet balanced belief with skepticism..
It provided a wonderful look into (fictionalized) aspects of forensic, crime and investigatory principles whilst also indulging in aspects of the unexplained, unbelievable and outright creepy…

I watched this show, with as much religiosity as anything in my life at the time.
The plot, story and character development were all top notch in my book…sometimes with one shot stories that still added depth of character to the little universe it portrayed, sometimes with grander story arcs to continue wonder and suspension of disbelief.

In short, something worth my time.

I say all this, as it is now entirely possible to find audiences out there who were too young to remember, or just not ‘with it’ enough to have caught the X files when it was at it’s prime…

Well, I am here to say- that while this big-screen movie return to that eerie universe is not a perfect vehicle, it does it justice and honors what came before it.

Without giving things away, I can say that the movie portrays a logical sequence of the two principle charaters, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, having ‘moved on’ from their original jobs at the FBI.

This movie definitely still has the same elements of interplay between the characters, and lets us see just what they’ve been doing since their illustrious careers at the FBI– and yet also grants us a return to the same elements that made the original show so endearing…good plotting, great character development and unexpected twists to confuse then delight the viewers.

I would recommend the watching of this movie to anyone who was a fan- and I strongly feel it was really only targetted for that specific audience, as there are enough elements that would only truly make sense to those ‘who already know’– but things are loose enough for the uninitiated to enjoy the move as a suspense/thriller in it’s own right..

The only caveat I would throw out there is this–
DON’T go in thinking it will be as grandiose and sweepingly huge as the OTHER, first, X-Files movie…
you will be disappointed if you carry that expectation into your viewing…

This was NOT a perfect rendition.
There were several elements that made me wonder exactly what was Chris Carter/Frank Spotnitz thinking when they wrote this…this was especially true of the ‘big reveal’ towards the end– it almost felt like a betrayal–simply because it felt like they got lazy on how they’d tie up all the buildup…

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still pay good money to see this a SECOND time– but I was left wondering about a few things that seemed sloppy, and my biggest wonder was- why did they choose THIS type of story to make a return to the series, let alone portray that return on the ‘big screen’?
this particular plot might have worked better as a 2 hour television event that re-introduced fans (and potential fans) to the x-file universe….and then use the ‘power’ of the silver screen to tell something that provided insight into the ‘Alien/Mulder mythos’ that the show had built up…

I did enjoy the tightly woven interplay of Scully’s skepticism VS. her faith…that was very well palyed, in my opinion!

It DID provide a sort of closure for Mulder and Scully, however…One that makes me wonder if that was the only real point to having made the movie…after a 5 year hiatus?

Spoiler Alert below the cut:

My biggest beef was with the complete lack of explanation about why the main pivot point character was in need of the special treatments– they completely glossed over the explanation of this…leaving a bit of an empty spot for the viewers to wonder about.

Not that we cared, necessarily..which leads to another point of contention.
The show, at it’s best, always managed to let us see things from the antagonists point of view– provided us with insight into their psyche, either through Mulder’s wry commentaries, or from our direct witnessing and piecing together motives through the incidental evidences Carter/Spotnits wrote into the scripts…
that was really lacking this time around…

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