Spiritual Trendsetters by Owen Waters

It is time for the world to stop being fearful. Fear breeds
fear. Love breeds love. One cancels the other. Which will you
choose – love or fear?

If you decide to create more love in your life, the approach
is simple. Spiritual awareness enhances the natural flow of the
universal consciousness called love. By developing your inner
spiritual connection, you attract and transmit more pure,
unconditional love and all things will be added to you because
of this.

Your relationships will grow deeper and more harmonious. You
will appreciate yourself more, simply for being the child of
God that you are. You’ll prosper in your professional dealings
as you become more creative and, therefore, more competent and
more valuable to the people you serve.

It’s simply a choice. To develop love, start by ignoring the
fears that face the rest of the world. Don’t let those issues
of fear bring you down. That’s what they’re designed to do. If
you let them bring you down, they will disempower you.

Instead, focus on what will make a difference within yourself.
Your domain – the realm under your control – is within you. You
can change that which is within yourself. Other people are
outside of your domain, so change that which you can – that
which is within yourself. Then, paradoxically, you will also
effect positive change in the world because you are part of the
global mind consciousness.

Just as there is an atmospheric belt around the world, there
is also a mind belt around the world. This mind belt is
constantly fed by the thoughts and emotions of every human upon
the planet. People are like radio transmitters and receivers,
only the energy is mind energy, not radio waves. You constantly
receive mind energy from the collective mind belt, process it
through your own consciousness and transmit it back into the
mind belt.

Mind energy consists of thoughts and feelings. It is a
definite energy, even though it is much more subtle than
physical energies like light or electricity. Mind energy is
conditioned and directed by human will.

You can be affected by the collective mind belt or you can
decide for yourself how you will react to life’s events. Choose
now whether you will be affected by every twist and turn in the
game of life, or whether you will be one of the few who create
the game.

Independent thinkers are the trendsetters in the mind belt.
The way you think affects every other human upon the planet.
The way you feel affects every other human upon the planet.

Because higher frequencies of thought and feeling have much
more power than lower frequency ones, the unconditional love
that you generate through your spiritual practices has a huge
influence upon humanity.

Choose the development of love through regular, dedicated
spiritual practices and you will be changing the world. Make
spiritual growth your number one priority in life. At the end
of the day, it’s the one thing that really counts.

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