Am I Happy? by Growth Climate

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Happiness is an interesting thing. Life happens very quickly and if we aren’t careful we can wake up and wonder what happened. Take a look at your own life…are you happy? Are you content with your own life?

Happiness cannot be bought or given away. Happiness comes when we nurture our relationships one with another. Healthy people seek out healthy relationships. This concept is simple, but it is not always easy for many people. Many people have a fear of intimacy. They have a fear of being rejected or hurt. Fear is the guide by which many people live their lives alone and empty.

Happiness comes about when we shift from a feeling of fear to a feeling of hope. Hope comes when we see the good in others and develop those relationships. It happens when we serve one another. It happens when we participate in intimate interactions (i.e.. smiling at others, calling an old friend, sending a note of appreciation to someone who has done a good deed for us). Happiness is what you make it today.

It is your life and the choices you make bring about that good. Become one of those individuals who are happy, those who have learned how to succeed in their relationships.

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