The Deepest Secret on Earth by Owen Waters

I once knew a Master of Kundalini Yoga who was a spiritual
seeker of great determination. He had studied Eastern esoterica
since his teenage years, fully mastered Kundalini Yoga in his
twenties, and spent countless hours in the ultimate state that
anyone can reach while living in a physical body; that of
cosmic consciousness.

On the lecture platform, he revealed a clarity of thought and
a depth of knowledge that I always found inspirational. Like
many genuine masters, he was more interested in teaching
powerful truths to help people advance spiritually than in
sugar-coating his words to gain popularity.

After he passed on in the late 1990s, he moved beyond the
spirit realms, through the higher mental realms, and into the
realms of ascended masters, where he now resides among
colleagues. Then, to my surprise, ten years after his passing,
he came to visit me! He must have sensed that my thoughts were
focused on him and, at the same time, upon the ultimate mystery
in life.

I had been remembering how he used to say that no-one on Earth
had the answer to the ultimate mystery in life. No-one, he
said, not even the most accomplished mystics in India, had
found the answer to WHY life had begun.

The great mystery was that, if the consciousness we call God
had been perfection in the first place, then why did God create
the universe so that living beings could work their way back to
a perfection which already existed? Why start out on a journey
that will bring you back to where you already are? This was the
deepest of all mysteries since time began.

He was an intrepid pioneer in searching out the answers to
spiritual mysteries, so I should have known that he would see
the ultimate mystery as the ultimate challenge. I learned that
he had used his new location in the ascended realms as a
launching pad to go far beyond; to go where no-one on Earth had
gone before. And, he had returned with the answer!

I don’t know if I’m the first one in the physical world that
he has told the answer to, but I’m sure I won’t be the last.
The days of mysteries being kept secret are fading rapidly. In
the New Reality, knowledge is meant to travel far and wide, and
to empower everyone who is ready. He used to say, himself,
that, in these days, the secrets are out and available to

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