2008 A Year for New Beginnings by Owen Waters

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, as people say in the USA, or a Happy Christmas, as people say in Britain.

I hope you had, or will have, a great holiday season, whether you call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Yuletide, St. Stephen’s, Aashurah or Kwanzaa.

In fact, Happy New Year, too!
Holidays are not the only thing that vary between cultures. Calendars do as well.

In Western culture, most of us are about to begin what we call the year 2008. Most Westerners use the Gregorian calendar, which was named after Pope Gregory XIII. Gregory decided how we would, to this day, number the years, the months and the days.

Different calendars use different numbering systems. In the Hebrew calendar, the year 2008 equates approximately to the Hebrew year 5768 while, in the Islamic calendar, the year 2008 sees the start of the year 1429. Other calendar systems include the ancient Chinese calendar, the Hindu calendars (that’s calendars, plural) and the Persian calendar.

According to numerology, 2008 is a year of new beginnings. However, you might wonder why the effects of numerology work in our particular calendar system when there are other calendars in use around the world. Our old year of 2007 reduced to the number “9” (2+0+0+7), which has a different effect than 2008, which is a “1” year (2+0+0+8 = 10, and then that 1+0 reduces further to 1).

But, who says that 2008 is the correct number to describe that year? How can it be a “1” year when other calendars call it something different than 2008?

The key is, that numbers have an effect on life. If you say that this year is called “2008,” then it will affect you as a number “1” type of a year. And, when billions of people say that it is 2008, then you have a huge consensus of consciousness creating a “1” year. In other words, the numbers work because we declare them to be so! When enough of us say that the year is 2008, then it will act like a “2008,” or “1” year.

It’s that old rule of consciousness: “Act as if, and it will be so.”

And, when billions of people act as if, then it will be so… big time!

As a “1” year, 2008 is a time when the world will support new beginnings in all areas of your life. Whatever needs renewing, according to numerology, this year is a great time to do it. That applies to society and to everyone within it.

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