Our Most Memorable Christmas Gift (Part One)

Romans 12:1
Present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God.

Barbara and I recently were asked, “What is the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever given or received?” Instantly our minds raced backwards over invisible tracks and skidded to a stop at the same intersection: Our first Christmas together as a couple, in 1972.
Our Christmas tree that year was sparsely decorated with a dozen red ornaments. The small living room was quiet, but warm. A scant few presents lay scattered under the scotch pine.

Neither of us have any recollection of what prompted us, but evidently the Spirit of God wanted us to dedicate and commemorate our new life together in Jesus Christ. So we decided that before we would give each other our gifts, we would first give God the most valued gift we possessed: our lives.

The kitchen table became Barbara’s altar, while I sat on the borrowed couch. Each of us, individually, spent some time writing out the “Title Deeds to Our Lives.”

It was a time of counting the cost of being a committed follower of Jesus Christ. It meant relinquishing all rights and ownership of our lives to God. It was a practical application of Romans 12:1,2, which urges us to commit our lives totally to the Lord.

It wasn’t easy, that bare-bones honesty with God. We wrote down all that we desired, all the things we thought were important, and said we wanted to give them to Him. Then, folding and placing those two sheets of paper in an envelope, we wrote on the outside: To God Our Father.

We sealed the envelope, and then we verbalized together in prayer what had already taken place privately on our sheets of paper.

There were no bells. No angelic choirs singing. No blinding light. Just the firm confidence that what we had done was right.

Eighteen years later we retrieved those documents from our safety deposit box and read them. And in the next devotion I’ll show you what we found.

That you would be able to wholeheartedly give your lives completely to Him.

Have you ever written out a “Title Deed” to your life? What would prevent you from giving God total control of your life?

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