“The Ghastlycrumb Ickies” by Michael Tice

A is for Azathoth deep in the Void
B for the Byakhee who bite when annoyed
C for Cthonians far underground
D for the Deep Ones wherever they’re found
E for the Elder Things down in the snow
F for the Fire Vampires warm and aglow
G for the Ghouls who seldom are tamed
H is for He Who Is Not To Be Named
I for Ithaqua who walks in the wastes
J for wee Jenkin’s unorthodox tastes
K for the King robed in yellow all tattery
L for the Lloigor and oneiric battery
M for the Mi-Go with metal brain-cases
N for the Nightgaunts who haven’t got faces
O for the Old Ones awaiting their hour
P for the Polyps that fly and devour
Q is for age-haunted Quachil Uttaus
R for Rhan-Tegoth who’s big as a house
S for a Shoggoth – malevolent slurry
T for Tsathoggua all sleepy and furry
U for the prehuman Ubbo-Sathla
V for the Voorish Sign: wave and voila!
W for Wil Whately, an expert at pentacles
X for Xiclotlians’ silvery tentacles
Y for Yog-Sothoth who’s both here and there
Z for Zoth-Ommog obscured by Its hair

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