An Observation about My Life and BEing

I am beginning to see that the many years of calmness in my life were
to help shore up my reserves of strength, and to truly become closer
to source (Universe, God, whatever you may call it)…

Now I am in a phase of action, and am called upon hourly to draw upon
the learning and theorizing and put it to the test of life…
I have grown incredibly as a direct result of this (constant) testing
and have now become stronger and more capable of standing amidst the

I see now that I have sought refuge within the idea of relationship–
and put much behind the idea that ‘when i finally have a mate, all
will be well’…
However, my life has exposed that to be a bit of a co-dependent
attitude, and that calmness, peace and love are always there–
regardless of having a mate (or even, sometimes in spite of having a

It’s all about choosing these things, and having faith and belief in
that choice.

So, regardless of any given maelstrom I may find myself in, I now have
a gentle, inner knowing that The Universe Loves me– and I, being a
portion of that Loving Universe, am compelled (willingly, and
joyously) to Love it back–
That is the only choice that makes sense.

So, my dears, things are exciting–LIFE is exciting…
And The Universe Loves me enough to provide guidance, strength and
nurturing throughout it all.

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