The Law Of Relativity and The Law of Cause and Effect by John Assaraf

“The Law Of Relativity and The Law of Cause and Effect”
by John Assaraf

Welcome back to the course. Hereís a hypothetical question for you: Would you be excited to learn that it’s just as easy to create a private jet as a paper airplane?

It’s not so crazy. The two laws I’m going to discuss in this lesson promise just that.

We’ve been conditioned to think that manifesting big results has to mean taking big efforts.

But do they?

First of all, let me ask you some relevant questions:

* Are you short or tall?
* Is the room you’re in big or small?
* Do you earn a lot of money or a little bit?

Do you see where I’m going? My point is that until you relate or compare the thing in question to something else, you cannot answer. You actually cannot define something without having something to relate to it, something for comparison.

A 1,500-square-foot home may be small for someone accustomed to living in a bigger house, but it could feel like an absolute palace to someone else who’s never lived in a house at all.

Your past experiences influence your evaluations, but the truth is that everything “just is.” A 1,500-square-foot home is not actually small or large. It’s just a 1,500-square-foot home, perceived and described by different people as being cozy, claustrophobic, or enormous, depending upon their perspectives.

Key perspective: Itís all relative

How is this useful?

Well, the Law of Relativity is important to keep in mind when you are evaluating a situation or event. If you keep seeing something that someone has or can do as “more” than what you have or can do, then you can get into trouble.

Everything is relative, and you must learn not to compare to others or to past experiences. Look at things as “just is” without judgment, and you’ll never succumb to feeling like you’re not enough or that you don’t have enough.

This also becomes especially critical when reconditioning your mind to be able to help you achieve the great things you’ve always wanted. If you constantly judge things with universally irrelevant labels like “big” and “small,” then you’ll set up unnecessary hurdles for yourself.

The universe doesn’t consider any desire you have to be “too big” or “too small.” The universe is prepared to deliver anything you might happen to want, whether it’s as big as a castle or as tiny as a button. It’s simply waiting for you to place your order, so to speak, and will begin moving things in your direction based on the Law of Attraction.

Incidentally, the single best way I know to place your order with the universe is to use a special resource I’ve created called, “Having It All: Achieving Your Lifeís Goals and Dreams. ” In it, I show you the precise steps to take, and in what order. You can read more about it here:

If you do this, you create that

Once you realize the universe isn’t placing judgments based on size, you’ll be able to fully take advantage of The Law of Cause and Effect.

This law says that for every cause there is an effect, and for every effect there is a cause.

For every action we take, there is an effect. If you send good thoughts out, good comes back. If you give love, love comes back. If you give away money, money flows back to you.

According to physics, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. According to this natural law, whatever you send out or give comes right back in the same or different energy form. Good karma, as some call it, leads to good karma. Of course, the opposite is true, too.

Here’s the exciting part if your goal is to use these laws to increase your monetary wealth . . .

You see, many people have a hard time remembering that this applies to money just as much as anything else. After all, money is just an idea. We created the green paper with ink on it to represent money. In other words, money is energy just like everything else.

And the Law of Cause and Effect says that you simply cannot get and keep something greater than you have given. You must be more and give more to have more.

I teach this law to my children by encouraging them to be “go-givers” instead of go-getters. Last Thanksgiving, for example, after a big family dinner, all the kids bolted to go and play. Keenan and Noah, however, stayed to help clear the tables. I requested each of them help 10 people and take their dishes to the kitchen.

So off they went, and when they were done, they both came back to me beaming! Someone had given each of them a dollar for their efforts. They hadn’t expected it, but they got it. Every week they earn two dollars allowance, so 15 minutes of helping really paid off for them.

Once you become aware of the Law of Cause and Effect, you’ll see examples like this appear in your life on a regular basis. And if you practice a non-judgment nature demonstrated in the Law of Relativity, you’ll be able to place orders with the universe for whatever you want, with no self-imposed limitations whatsoever.

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