The Law of Vibration and Attraction by John Asaraf

Welcome back to my eight-part course, “The Secret to Building Wealth –
7 Natural Laws That Will Change Your Life.”

“The Law of Vibration and Attraction”

Now that you understand that everything is energy, it’s time to put
that knowledge to the ultimate good use: getting more of what you want
in your life!

This is where the fun starts.

As we’ve already pointed out, both the nonphysical and physical
aspects of our universe are made up of energy and intelligence that
vibrates. Nothing rests. The difference between the physical and the
nonphysical is the rate of vibration.

This law is responsible for the difference between what we can see
with our naked eyes, like our hands, for example, and that which we
cannot see but is there, like a radio wave.

And remember, when I say that everything is energy, I also mean your
thoughts and feelings. This is why you hear some people say that
“thoughts are things.”

They are. Which leads us to perhaps the single most important thing
you’ll learn in this eight-part course:

You can literally transform any part of your reality by changing your
thoughts and feelings.

Wait a minute, you might be thinking, I can’t help what I feel!

But you’ll recall that in Part 1 of this course I pointed out that
acceptance of these natural laws will lead you to view the events in
your life with a powerful sense of detachment.

You’ll begin seeing that “everything happens exactly the way it’s
supposed to and some things aren’t to my personal taste.”

You CAN help what you feel. And the sooner you grab the steering wheel
of your feelings, the sooner you’ll be driving down the highway of
your biggest dreams.

It’s time for you to grab the wheel.

There’s a huge payoff for surrendering your ego to the marvelous
perfection of the universe, and it has everything to do with the
energy of your thoughts and feelings.

You see, your brain is the most powerful electromagnetic processing
tool ever created, and if you use it wisely to choose positive
thoughts, everything you desire will start to move your way until it
materializes in its physical counterpart. The more you focus and
concentrate, the faster and more potent the frequency gets.

Another way of stating this law is “like attracts like,” meaning that
people will attract energies like themselves. It’s a clich=E9 that birds
of a feather flock together, but this is just one more way of
describing The Law of Vibration and Attraction.

The important thing to remember about these laws is that they’re
already working for or against you, whether you believe in them or
not! I’m sure you can recall times when the Law of Attraction
manifested itself in your own life.

Where will you apply the Law of Attraction and Vibration?

You can make the same leaps forward in your life. Just try it. You
will be pleasantly shocked at how the most fortuitous opportunities
will just drop into your lap when you put these laws to work for you.

Let me give you a personal example of the Law of Attraction.

Believe it or not, before meeting my wife Maria, I had paid no real
attention to the Law of Attraction in romantic relationships. Kind of
crazy, huh? Not to consider the attraction in the context of romance?
That’s not to say I had never been attracted to someone before. Of
course I had been. Attracted enough to have been married twice

But as you’ll see, that’s not the same thing as working in concert
with the Law of Attraction. After I divorced for the second time, I
realized I needed to improve my relationship radar.

In addition to learning from the mistakes I had made before
(especially getting married too quickly, for reasons other than deep,
passionate love, as well as neglecting honest communication,
particularly not telling my partners my true feelings), I decided to
put the Law of Attraction to work for me.

Here’s how I did it. (You can do this, too.) Imagining in detail my
ideal romantic partner, I wrote it all down on a piece of paper and
tucked it away for safekeeping.

I had poured out my heart and desire to meet and love a person who
wanted to have fun with me, was attractive and spontaneous, would be
family-centered, and so on, including details about our emotional and
physical intimacy.

I then decided to take things slowly with whomever I dated, meaning
we’d keep things casual and be up front about it. I figured that I had
put in my order with the universe, and if the right woman showed up,
I’d know it, but there was no reason to rush things, either.

Maria and I met at our gym, and we dated casually. We had a great time
together and got to know one another. For the first three years of our
relationship, we made no commitments beyond enjoying one another’s
company. And then we decided to make ours a monogamous relationship.

It wasn’t long before I showed Maria the description I’d written of my
ideal woman. I had described her to a tee, and it was hard for her to
believe how precisely the details fit her.

As for me, I couldn’t stop grinning: Here was the woman I had wanted
right before my eyes, and here was attraction operating precisely
according to its law.

This works in your financial life too!

Finally, here is one more huge (and very practical) thing to consider . . .

I once heard from financial author Robert Allen that your earnings
will be the average of your 10 closest friends’ incomes.

Is this true for you? Think of your friends, the vacations you take,
the places where you dine. You meet people who are like you. Is that a
coincidence? Or is it just more evidence of your surroundings
reflecting your own perception of reality?

Quite simply, it’s the Law of Attraction at work. If you’re not sure
what your point of attraction is, or if you want to know how
positively you are vibrating at this stage of your life, just take a
look around you. Everything in your life right now is the result of
what you are attracting.

Think of where you work: Who has been attracted to the same company?
Why do you think they have been attracted there? How is the energy in
the building, and in interactions among employees. Look at the leader
of the firm, and you’ll see traces of that person in each employee —
not exact matches but traces.

Entrepreneurs and business owners take note: If you don’t like what
you see among your personnel, you know where to look first for clues
about what should change — maybe it’s a part of you.

Until next week,


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