Journey to the Infinite I

by Dreama Vance

You are not your body. If you were, where would you be? Your
brain, your heart, an eye? Your arm, or leg? No.

Sit in the quiet and realize you are not your body.

Still the mind. You are not your mind. You are not a thought
that comes and goes, or an emotion. You are the observer of all
these things. You are the I, the I that exists beyond the
physical body, beyond the mind. You are the I that Is. When the
physical is gone, the I remains… the Infinite I.

So, the first realization is that I, the Infinite I, have
dominion over my mind and my body. I have dominion.

Practice this realization. I direct the body to have perfect
health, beauty, youthfulness, vigor, harmony, balance,

I, the Infinite I, direct the emotional body. What does the
Isness, the Infinite I, expect of the emotional body? Joy,
bliss, solitude, peace.

I have dominion over the emotional body. I have authority over
the emotions. Practice this realization. I direct the emotions.
I choose calm, tranquility.

I have dominion over mind. Be still and know that I Am.

Practice this realization. I Am. Be still. I am wisdom… I am
knowledge… I am Truth.

Claim this Truth through your realization of it. Remember it.

I am here now. I have always been here now. The only journey
is to realization. I have always been… and will always be.
Infinite I.

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